The Campbell Island Teal

The Campbell Island Teal is located on none other than Campbell Island. This small island is located about 700 kilometers south of New Zealand.

The Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand (Photo: Heritage Expeditions)

This little duck is one of the strangest in the world and exhibits a range of behaviours that are rarely observed in its kind. It only comes out at night, making it one of only a few nocturnal ducks. It can’t fly, a behaviour that is thought to be an adaptation to a lack of predators in its natural environment. It can, however, run very fast at the first sign of disturbance. It is also thought to be the rarest duck in the world, with an estimated population of just 159.

The Campbell Island Teal (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Like many duck species, the male and female look quite different. The female is dressed head to webbed feet in dark brown, while the male has a green, iridescent head and back with a chestnut coloured breast. Both sexes make interesting calls – growls for the females and high-pitched wheezy whistles for the males.

Campbell Island Teal Facts:

  • Scientists believe they eat amphipods and insects.
  • Their natural habitat is covered in tussocks, ferns, and megaherbs.
  • They are often observed using the burrows and paths made by petrels that nest on the island.
  • They are territorial, especially during breeding seasons.